Photography, for me, is ultimately about the print - a physical object that can be touched, shared, cherished.
And the print, is an art in itself.
I spend an unreasonable amount of time and energy post-processing my images in order to produce stunning fine art prints.
I tend to favour matte prints on thick and smooth cotton paper Hahnemühle Photo Rag, which gives my images a distinctive painterly look, but some images come out best on glossy paper. My favourite is the top of the range Fujifilm Maxima ultra HD paper for maximum sharpness.
All my prints are available only as relatively small limited editions (the highest number being 25).
They are signed by hand and delivered with a certificate of authenticity, and bill of sale.
I’m also happy to deliver framed prints (framing is yet ANOTHER art in itself!).
If you’d like a print, please do not hesitate to enquire!
I can be reached by email at: or by phone on +33 6 84 25 22 06
You can also drop me a quick line via the contact form here.
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